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Roger Kettle:
Adapting to life without Beau, Dennis and the rest is still weird. Every so often, a script idea pops into my head, quickly followed by the realisation that there is nowhere for this idea to go.
The book I'm writing is progressing at a leisurely pace---for the first time in my life, I am working without deadlines and this is not a good set-up for someone who embraces indolence. On the plus side, it means that I've READ a lot of books recently. I really enjoyed "The Sisters Brothers"---anyone else read it? It's a beautifully written Western novel which, I believe, is being made into a film. I recommend it.
Right, enough of this procrastination.  I'm going to spend the next three hours working on my book.
You know, just after C.S.I. Miami.

Get rid of the television, Roger. It's the single most important thing I have done in my house to dramatically reduce the time I waste watching rubbish instead of getting on with other equally non-important things.

As for the book, you need someone to push you, to insist that you write, say, 2000 words a day. I don't charge that much.

Roger Kettle:
Get rid of the television? Write 2,000 words of my book every day? You're just being silly now.

How about we challenge each other to be as silly as possible? Or are you scared you'll lose?

Tarquin Thunderthighs lll:
Listen carefully, I will say this only once... I agree with Mincey. Now that really is weird! I spoke the words out loud before I typed them, and they still sound wrong. Anyway...

We do have a television, and I actually watched it without any sport being involved last night (first episode of the current Doctor Who series on iPlayer, which I actually really enjoyed). This is rare, and I even watch the footie in a corner of my computer screen mostly, as I draw. Partly this is due to my workload, yes, but often that drawing is for my own pleasure - usually for one of the cartoon/caricature competitions for another forum. 

And CSI Whatever is one of the reasons I do it, and spend most evenings in exile from the rest of my family, and that channel that screens back to back episodes of he assorted US crime series, which in this house are all classified for simplicity (my simplicity) as 'Murder'.

"You watching 'Murder' tonight?"
"Ok - I'll see you later..."

The two female housemates love it to the point of addiction (including multiple repeats). The alternative male jousemate endures it. I'm familiar with a number of the characters, including Illya Kuryakin playing a forensic surgeon called "Ducky", with a hint of his original Scottish accent (no idea if that's Miami, or one of the others, Roger, but he's looking really well, considering he must be in his late 90s by now), just by passing through the living room, to see if anyone has dared change the channel, and I've even sat through the occasional episode, playing Freecell on my iPad, just for the change in scenery. But, Like the Simpsons, I've yet been able to sit through an entire screening and actually watch it. Different strokes...

But the main point is...well, I'm not going to say it again. But, get your finger out, Kettle - your public awaits. And if it's any incentive at all, your book will be the first one I've read from cover to cover in at least ten years that... doesn't have cartoons in it.


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