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Did you forget?

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Did you forget that you said you would kill off Beau Peep?

Roger Kettle:
I've just noticed this thread.

When Beau Peep was dumped by The Star, we were given a month's notice and the strips required for that period had already been written and drawn. Yes, I COULD have written a new series for the final week with a tear-jerking finish but we wouldn't have been paid for it. Had I received any kind of thank-you letter from the editor for 38 years of work---or any contact whatsoever---I would have been prepared to re-write the ending. It would have been fun. However, given the bland, abrupt tone of our dismissal notification, I simply didn't feel up to doing it. Particularly, as I said earlier, The Star wouldn't have paid for it.

Tarquin Thunderthighs lll:
I'm not going to pay you either, Roger, but if you feel like doing it now, and Andrew doesn't fancy drawing them, then I'd be honoured, as the unofficial Beau Peep ghost artist...just for us here. Sod the ingrates at the Star!

Obviously I would offer to draw them but I would hate to show up Tarks.

Roger Kettle:
We'll see! Maybe one dark, Winter night when I feel suitably maudlin...


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