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Happy Birthday Beau !

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Rob Baker:

Well, Beau's not seen the full 40 years, but you get my drift.

Beau Peep first appeared in the launch issue of the Daily Star on 2nd November 1978.     

The Daily Star was the first national paper to be launched in Britain since the 'Daily Worker' in 1930 (and I'm told that Mr Kettle and Mr Christine had a cartoon strip in the first edition of that paper too).

The very first Beau Peep strip.

Two years ago next month, and after an incredible 11,270 (approx) strips, the Star dropped Beau.

Thanks again, Roger and Andrew.

I don't half miss the old devil.

I see that Roger and Andrew had much spikier hair back then.

Tarquin Thunderthighs lll:
Happy Birthday, Beau!

Perhaps Egon might forge a cake?

Roger Kettle:
Thanks, Rob---I just noticed this post.
Seeing that first strip again brings back memories. I had absolutely no idea where the whole thing would go and was winging it as I went. We were given an initial 6-month contract and we were both delighted. Andrew and I were pretty much broke at the time and six months of guaranteed income was beyond our dreams!

Have all the strips been made into books?  I have books 3-19, The Colour Collection, The Return of Beau Peep and, thanks to Diane, a printout of Book 1.


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