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So what are everyone's thoughts on this?

Roger Kettle:
On the one hand, it's shameful that a five year old's name would be openly mocked. On the other hand, when the parents gave their child the name "Abcde", they surely realised it was never going to make life easy for her. I challenge anybody to pronounce the name correctly on first viewing. Let's face it, this kid is destined to spend her entire life explaining how to spell it, how to pronounce it, how to write it down and what it means. Every single form she signs is going to be questioned.

I would like to think the parents had a gloriously romantic and pertinent reason for bestowing this name on their child. I REALLY would.

Roger ask the parents, Alf and Betty.

Roger Kettle:

Roger, that's the best answer I have seen so far on the internet. In news comments and forums over the internet there have been suggestions that the parents are idiotic and the girl deserves what she gets. Even on MumsNet, some were saying that the staff member who mocked her should not be reprimanded.

I would not have known how to pronounce the name on first sight, but then I did not know how to pronounce Siobhan or Saoirse either until I took the time to find out.

Apparently Abcde is pronounced Ab-si-dee, and she is not the only girl with the name. So far, there are 328 other children who have the same name. I dare say after the news article, there will be a lot more.

Yes, the girl is going to get asked many questions, but provided they are from people such as you, Roger, I dare say she won't have that bad a time.

As a side note, one poster on another forum said that if he received an email job application from someone with that name, he would throw it in the bin. I asked him whether this was because he thought such a person should be punished. He said no, and that he would just presume it was spam. That was fair enough. I asked him whether he would still do so now that he knows 328 other children have the same name. He didn't reply.


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