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Its that time again.

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Roger Kettle:
I wish you all the merriest of Christmases and that your stockings are filled with everything you desired. ( I realise that Beau Peep books are no longer available but I'm sure other things will fill the void). Just have a great time.

My thanks to you for sticking with this daft little site and I hope to see you all for many a festive season to come. I've been privileged to see Tarquin's brilliant animated Christmas card and I've made sure that it's heading this way. The man is disgustingly talented. Enjoy it.

Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope you and your families have the best you've ever had.

Tarquin Thunderthighs lll:
Thank you, Roger, but if I'm disgusting, then you are positively repulsive with talent!

I echo the Yuletide sentiments though, and wish you all the Festive Season you would wish yourselves.

Here's my card...get it while it's hot... Merry Christmas!

Diane CBPFC:
Awww, you are BOTH dreadfully awful with talent  (y) :-*

Diane CBPFC:
"Hygge" has been a thing for a few years - Nordic traditions to cheer one up and help you enjoy long snowy winters. Tomtes are their cute little gnomes and are ideal for drawing because they don't have eyes and also they can stand with their hands behind their backs.

I did a painting afternoon workshop at the library with snacks and conversation (as a volunteer) and showed a bunch of ladies how to draw a tomte.

My Christmas greeting to you guys :-)

Diamond Lil:
Pretty awful yourself, Diane!

Hope you all have a merry little Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.


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