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Christmas Roll Call


Diane CBPFC:
How is everyone doing? Too much food? Drinks? Weird gifts? Relatives? Full Moon?

I found myself on a short rope between the stove and the sink as apparently I raised a bunch of lazy, but constantly hungry, sods.

I am putting my feet up now though and enjoying watching the Call the Midwife past and current Christmas Specials - I find that playing those shows clear all the menfolk out the room.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season :-) 

A cold and a pulled muscle in my back sums up this year for me.

Roger Kettle:
Cold Mussels...chhhhrrrrr...drools like Homer Simpson.

Tarquin Thunderthighs lll:
So, is that like pulled pork then?

I had a great time...ongoing!  (y)


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