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All the best for 2019!

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Roger Kettle:
I hope you all have a terrific year and that it brings you health and happiness.

Generally speaking, 2018 was both weird and scary. Here in the U.K., the ludicrous Brexit situation has become more embarrassing with each passing day and there is no end in sight. Across the Atlantic, the Leader of the Western World continues to make my jaw drop. The man is beyond parody. He closed the year by telling a seven-year-old that Santa Claus didn't exist while insisting that building a wall between his country and its southern neighbours was a good idea. And those were his better moments. Back in the U.K., we had Russian tourists who were desperate to see Salisbury cathedral for some strange reason. What happened afterwards was entirely coincidental. Then we had the usual wars. Isn't it strange how governments can't afford to support healthcare systems but always find money for wars?

Oh, but it wasn't all bad and I certainly had a few laughs on this site. Thank you! Let me repeat my opening line...

I hope you all have a terrific year and that it brings you health and happiness.

Happy new year, everyone!

Here's to Roger summarising the year's events for me again next year to save me having to listen to the news.

Diane CBPFC:
And a happy New Year to everyone from me too.

Rob Baker:
Yes, 2019 surely won't be any worse will it?!

Happy New Year to everyone, hope it goes well (and fingers crossed you all get a nice little win on the lottery).

All the best

Diamond Lil:
Happy New Year to you and yours.


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